Top trending memes

here we talking about some famous top trending memes. we talking about some characters like thara bhai joginder,khaby lame,deepak kalal, aryan khan,hindustani bhai and more wanna laugh ? go have a look on it.

top trending memes


1. Thara bhai jogindar

His real name is joginder yadav.he is from gurugram,haryana,his youtube channel has 1,220,000 subscribers only in 89 videos. channel views 142.3M, he earn around 50,000 rupees monthly with a net worth of 12 lakhs . he is a influencer, youtuber, content creater. his unique style of creating videos had gone viral on social media.just because he is famous people is also making memes on him and make him more popular. lets see his vid 




2. Ranveer Singh.

He recently cover shoot for paper magzine gone famous on social media .recently in a live interview, photographer Aashish shah , who take the photos, shares some detailed of BTS. he said that the day of the shoot was the first time that he met him . he said that ‘ ranveer was not conscious or shyy and he performed very well. the shoot was complete in just 3 hours. he also also spoke about the controversy, and he also said ,” Isn’t that how twitter and instagram survive? we r all born that way, aren’t we?

Trending memes


3. khaby lame

He is a social media personality based in ITALY.  he is 22 years old he quickly popular on the world. because of his humourous,worldless, videos which consist of his silently mocking others videos, especially life hacks videos, as of july 2022, khaby lame is the most followed tiktoker. khaby lame is worth $13 million in 2022 ,h according to CA knowldge.his instagram account is khaby00.

4. Hindustani bhau

hindustani bhau’s real name is vikas fhatak. he is a newspaper reporter at local newspaper. he is the chief crime reporter. bhau’s major income is from his youtube channel.he became famous because of his vid, which based on controversy and country related problem. basically he is a person who style of sitting in a vehicle and reconding abusive videos gained him both popularity and landed him in controversy.

5. Tiger shroff.” choti bachhi ho kya

The popular dialogue from heropanti,’choti bachhi ho kya’ has gone viral on internet after tiger shroff said it during a movie promotion. the viral clips or template can be seen in memes everywhere on social media.he recrate the dialouge after the seven years of movie released. he said during the promotion of heropanti 2.0 ” you guys are not that strong i mean , choti bachhi ho kya?, 

6.who is bachpan ka pyaar boy

bachpan ka pyar boy real name is sahdev dirdo.he is from urmapal,sukma,chhattisgarh. his age is 12 . he is well know in india as the viral singer of bachpan ka pyaar. as per knowledge his teacher posted the video of song bachpan ka pyaar on social media in 2021. after sometime the videos went viral on social media and became popular overnight. many celebrities and singers like badshaah and more liked his videos and share a response.recently he shoot a video song and remix the song with famous singer badsaah.

7. bhuvan badyakar ” kachha badam”

bhuvan badyakar, he is a peanut seller who became famous after his kachha badam song went viral. a random person shoot a video of bhuban singing and post it on his social media  people mostly remix with his reels a remix of the song was released about 7 month ago. which achieved upto 47 M views on youtube.recently bhuban badyakar was injured in a car accident and was admitted to a hospital in his native village in west bangal’s birbhum district. 

8. Aryan khan

aryan khan the son of shahrukh khan. bacome a meme material. he was arrested on october 3 . NCB team busted an alleged drugs party on the cordelia cruise ship which was on its way to goa at mid sea on october 2. there are around 20 peoples on the ship.he became famous after getting bail. people using hashtags to troll him like  #welcomehomenashedi. 

9.Cheems dog

cheems is based on an image of a dog. named battlze, he is from hong kong. he adopted at the age of one and was nine years old in 2020. he is a characterised by adding a stray ‘m’ in between words eg., calling a cheesburger,”cheemsburger”. he is highly famous ironic dog character his image gained publicity when his owner posted an image on instagram talking about how much his dog loves to eat cheesburger.  

10. Deepak kalal

he is an indian comedian and vlogger from pune, maharashtra . few years ago he post a video with a tittle ” modijii me apko puppy dunga ” became viral on social media, he became a influencer in 2018 and bollywood actress rakhi sawant announced ” she was marrying him . he was born into a middle class family and did a course of hotel management. he is also  known for his fans base on social media and keeps his fans happy with hilarious videos of himself and family.he is also popular in pakistan and bangladesh. deepak was seen on colours TV’s reality show ‘ india’s got talent”